How to test/check apache timeout settings for gateway timeout browser issues

Survox has provided two scripts that can test the timeout settings on your webserver.

The scripts are and timeout.php.

The scripts are available for download from the following link

You will need to contact Survox Support at for the password to download the file.

Once downloaded, unzip the script and place the
timeout.plscript in the cgi-bin directory and put the timeout.php scriptanywhere under the web server. Both take a URL argument which allows you to set thetimeout to however many seconds you want to test for.

Below are examples of how to set the timeout test links.


In the above examples, these test are set for 75 seconds. It is recommended that you increase the amount of time to test the timeout.

For example, to test if timeouts are occurring before 10 mins, you will want to try testing with increments of say 10 seconds until you reach 601 seconds.

You will want a station setup on a browser in the phone center accessing the URL/link with either the or timeout.php script and then time how long before you trigger a GATEWAYTIMEOUTmessage that would help in further debugging the issue.

You don’t need to necessarily time it with a stop watch, but you do need to know to the closest minute or how long it was before the message popped up.

From there you can have your System Administrator adjust your apache timeout settings as needed or further diagnose any workstation, network or ISP issues.