How to set the text area or work area for a study with a case length greater than 32700

You can set your case length up to 200,000.

Setting your Text Area

The “Text” area still must remain in the first 32700 columns of therecord, but you can place other questions and statements beyond position32700.

You can say “Text_start=25000” and it will use between location25000 and 32700 tostarttextresponses.

You can also say”Text=10001.10000″ tostartputtingtextdown in column 10,001 and go forthe next 10,000 columns.

Setting your Work area

You can also set your work area out to columns where you need them beyond the text area.

Example study headers:


[example,200000,text_start=25000, work=45000]