How to send an email from Survent

Attached is a spec called SENDEMAIL.QPX that will show how to send an email from a Linux machine using Survent. Similar specs can be used to send an email from any OS that supports Send-Mail.

'' Location of sendmail program>def @SENDMAIL /usr/sbin/sendmail ''fully qualified name of the text file that will constitute the body of the message.>def @TEXT ./thankyou.txt ''NOTE: if in networked environment, ./ is where the server is running ({$CFMC}super/) ''Email address of who it is from (sendmail -f option) "@<>" will be appended if only name is defined>def @FROMADDR webmast  ''(Survox Production: use "<studyname>.survey")''NOTE: email address must exist''name of who it is from (sendmail -F option)>def @FROMNAME Joe WebMaster >purgesame>filldef~prep compile[sendemail,,,specwid=300] { Name:Enter your first name!Variable,,50 } ''See the file emchk.qpx if you want a more elaborate check of the email address than you get with just using a variable,email_check.{ Email:Enter your email address!Variable,Email_Check,50 } {cat @TEXT