How to run utilities like Quotamod or Foneutil in a local directory

If the environment variables are set in the parmfile which is needed to properly run the Console, then other utilities like Quotamod and Foneutil which used to default reading local files will now default to reading the files from the “live” directories.

There are two different ways to handle this. If it is, something that only occasionally needs to be fone, then youcan set the environment variable to look at the local directory:

For instance, if you are using the c-shell type in setenv CFMCQUOTA /cfmc/<localdirectory>to set Quotamod to run from a local directory.

If you want it to be more permanent, then you can use the environment variable CFMCPARMFILE to explicitly name the parmfile you want to use. You can create a copy of the parmfile with the environment variables NOT set in it and call it something like parmfile_local.

Then in the cshell, you can type something like

setenv CFMCPARMFILE ${CFMC}control/parmfile_local

If you set that environment variable in the .login script, then for that user the default will be to use the local files as it was in older versions of the software.

It you do make updates to the standard parmfile, then similar changes should also be made to the copy.