How to recover a deleted, zapped, or corrupted fone file

If you have overwritten, inadvertently zapped, or an active fone file has otherwise gotten corrupted, this process will attempt to correct your fone file as best as can be done.

This currently has the following known list of things it cannot or does not update correctly.

  1. Any phone text changes using Phone,Put_Phone_Text
  2. Any History Note updates using Phone,Call_Note
  3. If a phone number was changed using a Phone,Change_Number and it changed time zones the record will have the old incorrect time zone.
  4. If a phone number changed markets due to a Phone,Change_Market it will still have its old market information.
To run this process you need the last known good backup of the fone file along with all the study server log files since then.

Attached are two specs that work together to accomplish this.

READLOG8.SPX reads the study server log files and extracts all the information for phone records for a particular study. Edit the >defines statements at the top of the run and then run it through Mentor

It will not work if LL_Logging is set to no.

MERGEFONE8.SPXtakes the output form readlog8.spx and merges itwith a known good backup of the fonefile before the study was loaded. if you don’t have a backup, you can use the current copy, but this may cause some calls to be double counted.

Edit the >defines statements at the top of the run.
Change the inputopt to say what type of file you are reading, standard fone file using fone_format and an ASCII copy uses ASCII=16000

See the file merge.prt for information about the run and/or issues that you might want to look at.

and then run it through Mentor

Finally take the ASCII file out of the MERGEFONE8.SPX and rebuild your fon file using the ASCII option in Fonebuld. You might want to dump the old header to ASCII in Foneutil and use it to make sure all your header options remain constant.

  • readlog8.spx
  • mergefone8.spx