How to recount the concurrent usage limit – server:recount

From the description of that incident it sounds like there is an issue whereby it is not properly counting the number of “sound” enabled dialer stations.
You try issuing the following command from the Supervisor:
It should look something like this:

Enter a SUPERVISOR command–>server:recount

You are about to send the following commandto the CfMC TNM server or the spawner: (recount)
Are you sure you want to do this? (Type TQ if you are):tq
server command :recount: received and executedEnter a SUPERVISOR command–>
Then, try to log a station in and see what happens.
If that does not work, then the only other way to fix the issue for tonight would be to bring the study server down and then restart it. The last time this happened we increased your limit, but that seems to maybe have only masked the problem. Do you know when the study server was last restarted? If it is not restarted nightly, it certainly should be to make sure the counts are reset each night.
We can work with Chuck Coleman in the morning to see about increasing the limit even further which again should make it less likely to occur.
Let us know recount worked or not, or if you just have any other questions.