How to put a number down in a specific bucket on the fly using the “preferred time of day” feature

The spec BUCKET_PTOD.QPXis an example that shows how to put a number down in a specific bucket on the fly using the “preferred time of day” feature of the phone system.

To do this you will need to set up a preferred time of day location in the phone header. It needs to be wide enough to hold the maximum number of calls you want to handle and it needs to be in an otherwise unused set of columns.

This example is using columns 51-57 as the Preferred Time of Day location.

>PURGESAME~PREP COMPILE -SPECS[Bucket_ptod] { !Phone,Get_Specific_Number }               ''Get Specific For Testing { Getnumb: !PHONE,Get_Number }{ Phonenum: .10  !PHONE,Get_Phone_Information,1,10 } ''This question collects information about what bucket the next attempt will''be made in.  In a "real" job this would most likely be a Hidden question,''in which you would gen in when you want the next attempt to be made based''on whatever criteria you want. { Bucket:THE NUMBER TO DIAL IS: 1-[1.3]-[4.3]-[7.4]Hello, my name is ________ and I am calling from Survox Inc.Would you be willing to speak to me today about financial services you may now be using?When do you want next attempt to be made?Hit Return for Normal Stack - Follow Targets from the Phone file!FIELD1 Day Part 1 Only2 Day Part 2 Only3 Day Part 3 Only4 Day Part 1 or 25 Day Part 1 or 36 Day Part 2 or 37 Any Day Part (1, 2, or 3)8 All Targetted Attempts9 Bucket 9 }''Need to get number of calls so can figure out where in the preferred time of''day field to put down the above information.{ NumCalls: .3!Phone,Get_Phone_Information,CallsMade,3 } ''If number of calls is 0, then put Bucket information in 1st column of PTOD.''If                    1,                                2nd''and so on.>Repeat $A=0,...,6; $B=51,...,57{!If NumCalls = $A!PHone,Put_Phone_Text,$B,Bucket,1 }>EndRepeat ''These calls are all being set to No Answer for testing purposes.{ !Phone,Set_Call_Status,101 } { !Special,Abort_Interview }~END

The spec BUCKET_PTOD.FBL is an example Fonebuld to build the phone file to show how to put a phone number down in a specific bucket.

>Delete Bucktet_Ptod.FonPREFTODLOC =    51, 7DayPart1   =    9:00AMDayPart2   =   12:00PMDayPart3   =    5:00PMDayPart4   =    8:45PMGOBUCKET_PTODNUMBERS.RAW

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