How to Process Master/Trailer Tables

Attached is a spec MASTERTRAILER_TABLES.SPX that shows how to process tables using master/trailer data.

Use the While Matching command to do the trailer tables.

Use the Dotables and the Chain command to have some tables run on the master data and others to run on the trailer data.

To create a table with both master and trailer data in it, will require using Table Manipulation.

MASTERTRAILER_DATA.MST is the Master data file.

MASTERTRAILER_DATA.TRL is the Trailer data file.

Locations without a prefix on them are refering to the master file.

Locations with the prefix Trailer on them refer to the trailer file.

>PurgeSame>Prtfile Trail~DefProc= Reader:While matching "trailer" trailer![1.3$]DoTables TrailerEndWhileDoTables Master}Tabset= Ban1:Header=: Test of Master/Trailer Processing }Stub_Preface=:TotalNo answer}Edit=: -Coltna}Banner=: