How to make a current record look like a fresh number. !phone, Erase_All_CallHistories

Question: Is there any way to manipulate the number of attempts from within the survent program? I’m programming a survey that will recruit more than one respondent from the same household. In the event we interview the first respondent but the next is not available, we’ll put the phone number down as a callback.

At that point, I want to be able to reset the number of attempts to 1 so that we can make max attempts calls to the next respondent.


The “PHONE,I” or “

!PHONE, ERASE_ALL_callHISTories”initializes a phone number, taking the current record and making it look as if it were a fresh number.

All history fields are cleared, but other system fields (time on call, calls made) are not. There are no parameters.