How to enable HTTPS for webSurvent, webCATI and the Survox Console

webSurvent, webCATI and the Survox Console can be enabled to work withhttps.

Youwill need to first order anSSL”secured sockets layer”certificatefrom one of the well known software security companies.

We recommend Symantec’s SSL certificates.

The link to their website is

You would then need to configureyourwebserver to run inhttpsmode. This will require some changes to the apache configuration files and then a reboot to the system or at the very least restart the httpd or apache services.

For the Survox Console, you will need to modify the “navigator.conf” file located in the respective /opt/cfmc/navigator.[date]/ directory; specifically any referenced URL that has http, needs to be changed to https.

After updating the “navigator.conf” configuration file, you will need to rerun the overlay_nav update script.

Below are the general instructions for doing this.

Update the files in the $CFMC area that come with the navigator package:cfmcuser> /opt/cfmc/navigator.[date]/sbin/overlay_nav [CFMCACCOUNT]Specify the environment name as an argument in the overlay_nav script if you don't have a CFMCACCOUNT environment variable set:"/opt/cfmc/navigator.[date]/sbin/overlay_nav cfmcuser".)

This switch will need to be done when no one is interviewing and allow for at least a couple of hours for the apache and core software changes, reboot and then functionality testing to see that all works properly.

Once you have made these changes, you have to keep in mind that it takes some time for theDNStopropagate thehttpsproperly with the system and network and the length it will take to make the apache configuration file modifications.