How to create a table-ready DEF file from your spec by embedding Mentor commands into your Survent spec

The attached spec MAKEDEF.SPX shows how to embed Mentor commands into your Survent questionnaire.

>PURGE_SAME>FILETODB STATSTUB #[COMMENT][SKIP_LINES=2 STAT] MEAN[SKIP_LINES=0 stat] STANDARD DEVIATION[SKIP_LINES=0 STAT] STANDARD ERROR }>EOF~SPEC_RULES BASE COL_MEAN="$[MEAN,STD,SE]" WITH STATSTUB CLNCHK~PREP COMPILE C_MENTOR_SPECS CLEANING_SPECS[MKDEF,32000,"EXAMPLE JOB"]{!AUTO_PUNCHES}{!BLANK_LINES=1}{ QN1: !MISC RATING=5Q1. How much do you agree with the following statement:The fast food at Road Runners is worth what I pay for it.!FIELD(-display) = (5,4) [ULINE] AGREE5 (5) Completely agree4 (4) Somewhat agree3 (3) Neither agree nor disagree(-display) = (2,1) [ULINE] DISAGREE2 (2) Somewhat disagree1 (1) Completely disagree0 Don't Know/Refused to answer }{ QN2A: !MISC RATING=5Q2a. Please rate the following characteristics:The quality of the food.!FIELD(-display) = (5,4) [ULINE] GOOD5 (5) Very good4 (4) Good3 (3) Neither poor nor good(-display) = (1,2) [ULINE] POOR2 (2) Poor1 (1) Very poor0 Don't know/refused to answer }>REPEAT $A=B,...,F;&   $C= "quality of service",&   "cleanliness of the restaurant",&   "prices on the menu",&   "accuracy of your bill",&   "cleanliness of the restrooms"{ QN2$A:!MISC RATING=5Q2$A. Please rate the following characteristics:The $C.!FIELD[SAMEAS QN2A] }>END_REPEAT{ QN2G: Q2g. What is your opinion of the Road Runners billing format?Is it . . .!FIELD1 Easy to understand2 Hard to understand3 Neither easy nor hard to understand0 Don't know }{ QN3: !MISC RATING=5Q3. Now, in thinking about what your Road Runners fast food costs -- not yourentertainment charges -- but the food, would you say that your fast food costis . . .!FIELD(-display) = (5,4) [ULINE] VERY GOOD/GOOD VALUE5 (5) A very good value4 (4) A good value3 (3) Neither a good nor poor value(-display) = (1,2) [ULINE] POOR/VERY POOR VALUE2 (2) A poor value1 (1) A very poor value0 Don't know/refused to answer }{ QN4: !Misc Ranges="5//10/11-20/21-30/31-40/41-50"''!MISC NUM_EXCEPTIONS="Refused"Q4. About how much do you pay per visit for Road Runners fast food - that is,not including entertainment?+***INTERVIEWER: ENTER A WHOLE NUMBER (5-50)+or "RF" for REFUSED***!NUM,,,5,50,,RF }{ QN5A: !MISC RATING=5Q5a. Rate the following charges at Road Runners:The basic rate for fast food.!FIELD(-display) = (1,2) [ULINE] REASONABLE1 (1) Very reasonable2 (2) Reasonable3 (3) Neither reasonable nor unreasonable(-display) = (5,4) [ULINE] NOT REASONABLE4 (4) Not very reasonable5 (5) Unreasonable charges0 Don't know/refused to answer }>REPEAT $A=B,...,F;& $C= "charge for side orders",&   "charge for daily specials",&   "charge for drinks",&   "charge for optional services such as entertainment",&   "charge for vegetarian specials"{ QN5$A: !MISC RATING=5Q5$A. Rate the following charges at Road Runners:The $C.!FIELD[SAMEAS QN5A] }>END_REPEAT{ QN5G: !MISC RATING=5Q5g. In response to the statement, "Road Runners fast food provides good foodat realistic and affordable rates."Do you . . .!FIELD[SAMEAS QN1] }{ QN6: Q6. Has anyone in your household participated in the entertainment availableat Road Runners during the past three months?!FIELD1 Yes2 No0 Don't Know }{ QN6A: !IF