How to create a standard sample disposition report

Attached is a spec calledDISPOREPORT.SPX that builds a sample dispostion report based off of both Final Status or Last Status depending upon whether or not it is a resolved number. Stub and Row definitions need to be customized to match your personal Status code.

It also shows how to use table manipulation to create a calculated row based on other others in the table. This can be used for production rate or other such values you may want.

''Uncomment this define if you are using the short version of a phone file>Define @ShortFoneFile''Change Define Study name to your study name.>DEF @Study Phone>Define @Numerator [FinalStat#1]        ''Numerator for calculation>Define @Denominator [FinalStat#1,3,5,7] ''Denominator for calculation>Define @Numrow 47                    ''Row # for where numerator is specced>Define @DenRow 48                    ''Row # for where deninomator is specced>Define @ResultRow 49                  ''Row # for where calculation result is written>PURGESAME>Createdb Temp Dup=Warn''~IN @STUDY~^FON, FONE_FORMAT~IN @Study~.ASC ASCII=16000>PRTFILE @STUDY~^DSP,USER~DEF>IfDefine @ShortFoneFileFinalStat: [1111.3]LastStat:  [1202.3]>ElseFinalStat: [5111.3]LastStat:  [6003.3]>Endiftabset= dispos:edit=: -coltna cwid=20 swid=30 pgwid=80 minfreq=1 calltab="" sigma}stub_preface=:[suppress][suppress] }title=:=Final Disposition Report for @Study }footer=:=Date: #date# -- #time#}banner=: