How to change the final status/call history of a fone record

To change the final status/call history of a fone record, you will need to update the status in [5111.3].

Also update 6003.3 but be careful when updating the last history slot position (6000.100) in the fone file as it is just a copy of the actual last position used (3rd history slot if there are indeed 3 histories, for instance). There are 2 issues with this if you also do not update the true last used position.

1) Any report on the last history slot will probably not match up with a report on all histories.

2) And more importantly if you rebuild the fone file in Fonebuld with the ASCII option it does NOT read the last history position as that is only a convenience for reporting purposes.

Attached is a spec calledFIXCALLHISTORY.SPXthat shows how toupdate the actual last used history position.

If the records were not resolved in the first place, just assigning a final status in the ASCII record will probably corrupt them as other fields need to change. If they were not already resolved, we recommend just using the KILL command in Foneutil and it can also assign any resolved status that you want.

This same spec can also be used to add a new history onto an existing record.

  • fixcallhistory.spx