How to add rank levels to tables

Attached is a spec RANKLEVELS.SPX that shows how to add extra rows into a table with the rank level for each column so that it prints below the frequency and percent in each row.

  1. Create the table with normal Col, Row, and Banner definitions.
  2. Create the Stub with 2 lines for each stub. The 2nd line of each wants a SkipLines=0, -Vper, and Rank=2 options. NOTE: you will get warnings on each tabset that the Stub and the Row don’t match.
  3. After the table is created (You can use BuildTables to build an entire run of tables), use Table Manipulation to create the extra rows.
  4. Put the table number into a Repeat in order to do an entire set of tables.
  5. Make a table with the same number of columns as the original and twice as many rows, less the 2 summary rows.
  6. Add the old rows into every other row in the new table.
  7. Use the RankTablesColumns function to put the rank number into the even rows of the new tables.
  8. Store the New Table
  9. Reload the original tabset to get all the proper labelling, then load and print the new table.
~In RANKLEVELS^DAT,ASCII=20>Purgesame>Printfile RANKLEVELS>CreateDb  RANKLEVELS,Dup=Warn~Set TableDropMode=1~DefTabset= One:Edit=: -Coltna Rank=1 Vper=T Cwid=8 Swid=14 }Title=:  Sample Table with Rank Value for each column }Banner=: