How do I setup the supervisor (survsupr) to run in a script

When running any Survox program from command line it is very important that the environment variables be set correctly.

Below is an example of using a cshellcommand file to run the survsupr program. It is performing a dis command to show the loaded studies.

The ldev on the survsupr line must be unique and not interfere with any possible real station numbers you might be using. You can use ldev:batch and the system will just pick the next available station number over 10,000 such that you should never run info a conflict.

The “-listing” on that line puts any printed output in the file listing.

The dis command below can just be replaced with whatever survsupr command(s) you want to use.

The echo and sleep commands are not necessary, but can be useful for debugging any problems with the command file especially if this is only 1 step of a multiple step process.

#/bin/cshecho starting nowsleep 1setenv CFMC /cfmc/test8.8/setenv CFMCCFG /cfmc/test8.8/ipcfiles/setenv CFMCQFL /cfmc/test8.8/qff/setenv CFMCFONE /cfmc/test8.8/fone/setenv CFMCQUOTA /cfmc/test8.8/quo/setenv CFMCDATA /cfmc/test8.8/data/survsupr con -listing ldev:999 <<EOTdisquitEOTsleep 1echo got here