Fail Read_DP_File

ERROR:I am getting the dialcfg prompt and I can type config and get the screen to make changes in. But when I exit the screen and go back in the changes are not saved. I also see the following error when I first enter dialcfg.

Fail read_dp_file — unacceptable inputusing .dial files in read_default_studyconfig<>

I did not manually change the .cfa file for the study. Also, this not being able to save is across all studies.

ROOT CAUSE: Starting in versions 8.6.1+ and v8.7, you are nowrequired to have ashopwide.dialwhich states your shop’s default parameters.

In 8.6.1 if it does not exist, we fall back to the old way which is the use of the .cfa files. In 8.7.1 the .dial files are required.

Then, assuming you have ashopwide.dial, modifications are made for that dialer ( dialer.##.dial), then that study ( <study>.dial) , then that study for that dialer ( <study>.##.dial), where ## is the dialer number ( 01 – 99 ).

WORKAROUND: If you wish to use the older dialer configuration .cfa files, you can simply renamed the currently shopwide.dial file and then rerun the dialcfg utility.

The shopwide.dial dialer configuration file is located in the {$CFMC}/control/dialer/ directory.