Examples of DBR (Disk-Based Response Lists)

Attached is a spec called DBREX.SPX that shows how to build a disc-based recode table where the answer to the first branch is supplied from a previous question. i.e. you can build one large city/state response table, have the phone file supply the state code information and then only have the valid cities for that state appear on the screen to the interviewer.

Attached is a file called DYNAMDBR.ZIP that shows how to build a disc based recoded table (.dbr) and dynamically update it. This means interviewer one can add a code to the list, so interviewer 2 can then use it. There are a number of important issues to consider before attempting to use this setup, so be sure to read all the comments in the files.

Attached is a spec called DBRPARTIALDATA.SPXthat shows how to use a disc-based recode table, where part of the information is supplied before you get to the question. For instance, you have a large list of cities and states, but the state code information can be retrieved from the phone file. You can build a single disc-based recode question with branches for each state and then feed the state code to the question, so that only the cities in the appropriate state would be available.

  • dynamdbr.zip
  • dbrpartialdata.qpx
  • dbrex.qpx