Example on how to upshift all the Variable and Text questions in the TR file.

The attached spec UPSHIFT_OES.SPX is an example file that will read a DB file and an TR file and upshift all of the VARIABLE and TEXT questions in the TR file.

>PurgeSame>EchoDefines>-PrintRep ''Set the Study Define below to the name of your dbfile.  If the tr file matches and you are okay with the output ''file be called StudyX.TR, then you don't need to change anything else, otherwise you need to change the ~input and ~output lines below.>Define @Study Orig~Input @Study~Output @Study~X ''************************  DO NOT TOUCH CODE BELOW HERE  ***************************>UseDB @Study>ListDB ,dbname.dcl,type=var=17,template="!,&" ''var, and text types only~DefineLastdummyvar[1$]Proc= UpshiftText:>Rep $A=&&-DBName.DCLLastdummyvarIf $A and "$A" <> "Lastdummyvar"Modify $A=Upshift($A)Endif>EndRepeatWrite }~ExecProc= UpShiftText>Delete DBName.DcL~End

  • upshift_oes.spx