Example on how to add records into the Do Not Contact file

The attached spec UPDATEDNCFILE.SPXis an example to add records into the do not contact file.

First ~Input adds an ASCII file

Second ~Input extracts records from an existing fon file with records that have been marked by interviewers as do not call numbers.

Set the defines to what you want to do.

>Define @DNCFileName  Dncfile1 ''Name of Dncfile, will always be a TR file>Define @MaxRecords  500000  ''Set this to the maximum number of records you ever expect in the DNCfile''Use only one of the following 2 defines>Define @ASCIIFileName  Dnc2.asc   ''Name of ASCII file to import with DNC records in it''>Define @FoneFileName  dnc1.fon   ''Name of .fon file to import DNC records from>Define @PhoneNumLoc  1      ''Location of where phone number is in input file>Define @PhoneNumLen  10    ''Set this to a larger value if you have international numbers>Define @DNCStatus  17        ''Status code assigned to DNC records in fon file****** TOUCH CODE BELOW ONLY IF YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE DOING ****** >IfDefine @ASCIIFileName~In @ASCIIFileName ASCII=20000:1.10>Endif>IfDefine @FoneFileName~In @FONEFileName Fone_Format Select=[5111.3#@DNCStatus]>Endif~OUT @DNCFileName Length=100 TrFileDir=@MaxRecords MaybeCreate dncfileID=1.@PhoneNumLen~Def Proc= UpdateDNC:Modify [1.19$] = [@PhoneNumLoc~.@PhoneNumLen$]Blank [20]Modify [21.8$] = [(JulianDate)3.8$] ''Today's DateBlank [29.2]Write }~Exc Proc=UpdateDNC~End

  • updatedncfile.spx