Example of how to use ~Frequency to create a row variable

Attached is a spec FREQUENCYTABLE.SPX that shows how to create a row variable that has only those categories that actually exist in the data.

Once you have created the frequency you just specify the Row as the variable created during the frequency. You can use the – in front of the variable name to not even print the frequency count anywhere.

You might want to put a select on the ~Input for the frequency count should there be any categories you want to exclude from it. In particular if you don’t want blank to appear as the first character if there are blank records.

>PurgeSame~In frequencytable.dat,ASCII=40,Select=[2.2^NB]~Freq [2.2$] = -Var1>Prtfile frequencytable~In frequencytable.dat,ASCII=40~DefTabset=One:Edit=: -ColTna Swid=20 Cwid=10 MinFreq=1 }Stub_Preface=:TotalNo Answer }Banner=: