Example of how to create HTML ready web tables

Attached is a spec WEBTABLES.SPX that shows how to create HTML ready web tables.

You need a ~SET command along with a ~SPECFILE command.

The HTML will be called webtables.HTM.

See the C-Mentor manual Volumn II, Appendix B, ~SET for more info.

>def @font <font face="comic san ms">>PURGESAME>Prtfile webtables~SPECFILE webtables~SET  WEBTABLES=(special_title="Title Text")~DEFtabset= ban1:Stats=: ABCDedit=:   -col_tnacol_width=7stub_width=40  Dostats=.90  STATMARKING=BCDE StatsOnSeparateLineTcon=(First)}stub_pref=:[-vper] total[suppress] na }col=: total with [4#1/2] With [5#1//3] With [6#1//3]banner=:k(p)