Display websurvent/webcati text in multi-mode surveys

There are display commands that can be used:

Showing Text Only in webSurvent/webCATI

You can have text that is specifically targeted for webSurvent and webCATI. only. The syntax is:


+? (this is webCATI-only text)

+! (this is webSurvent-only text)

This is an extension of the “+ Survent display only” feature.

You can also use the WEBSURVENT() function to control different questions for webSurvent or webCATI only.

The webSurvent() function returns codes specifying what mode you are in and why you are being suspended.

The return codes are:

1 Running in webSurvent mode

2 Suspended in webSurvent or webCATI

4 Was suspended due to a suspend timeout (also known as “autosuspend”, where the survey was suspended because no response was given in the last 30 minutes or so) in webSurvent

or webCATI

8 Running under webCATI

16 Running as a web utility (eg. “&&&phrpt.qff” to run PHONERPT under Mentor)

32 Suspended because there was a webSurvent or webCATI killed session