Digital Fingerprinting / Forcing respondents to only access survey once – General email reply back to customer

One item you may want to enable for the web surveys is cookies to help track respondents. With regards to cookies, take a look at the Survox Javascript_jquery.doc documentation specifically the “initial_jquery.js” section starting on page 6 as there is information on how to enable cookies. You can obtain the latest Survox JavaScript/JQuery documentation from the Survox Solutions articles by searching for “

JS File Changes/jQuery Functions/Latest JS files/Demos”.

In your spec/QPX shell, you can use a combination of IP address (SPC,I,A I think is the question type) with numeric quotas and perhaps cookies on the index page to try identifying a unique respondent and it will work most of the time, but both options allow for exceptions – cookies can be easily disabled and IP addresses are dynamic and/or shared, so it’s helpful but obviously not foolproof.

Truedigitalfingerprintingadds an extra ‘layer’, by relying on 50+ pieces of data (browser, OS, etc) combined in a way that creates a unique ID for each respondent by machine, so you’ll want to clarify if that’s what you really want. You would either have to design something like that in-house or work with a 3rd party for truedigitalfingerprinting, in which case it has done via redirects, like you would do with a panel company.

With regards todigitalfingerprintingservices, the Survox Services Group utilizes True Sample as adigitalfingerprintingservice, I have included Dan Rangel and Josh Smith on this email thread as they would be the folks to contact regarding any additional services we could provide with that vendor or help you to get in touch with them. Also, Dan can be reached at415-777-0470 ext. 163.