Create/Read a Shopfile

When Fonebuld starts up, it first looks to see if there is a file called shopfile in the local directory and if there is it reads it in.

If there is no local shopfile then it looks in ${CFMC}control/shopfile and reads that file in if it exists.

Once you are inside Fonebuld (before saying GO), you can issue a readshopfile command which will read in a specific shopfile or you can also use the keyword “NONE” and it will clear out any shopfile information it has previously read in.

At this point you can either type shopfile which will bring up the shopfile screen and make edits on it or you can issue commands to change the parameters.

When you finally enter “GO” it takes all of the current settings and puts them into the phone header for the .fon file you are about to create.

You will get an error about unable to read the shopfile if no shopfile is found when you either start editing or when you enter “GO”.

The easiest way to resolve this issue is to make sure you have a “proper” shopfile in the ${CFMC}/control sub-directory. You can do this by either creating a shopfile while running Fonebuld in that directory or creating it elsewhere and then copying it to that directory.

To create a shopfile, go into Fonebuld and type

readshopfile none

Then you can ampersand in an ASCII shopfile. Shopbus.asc and shopres.asc are provided as examples. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, you likely will want to create an ASCII copy of the old shopfile by using the header command in the old version.

Or you can type shopfile and bring up the shopfile screen. Make whatever edits you want and then hit escape.

When you finally have all the settings you want for your default shopfile type


and it will create a file called shopfile in the local directory and then quit out. If you are not running in the control sub-directory you will need to copy the file into the control sub-directory. Make sure the read permissions on the file are such that any user who would be building shopfiles can get access to it.

To verify this was done correctly, create a new sub-directory anywhere, go into that directory and type Fonebuld and then shopfile once inside of it. You should NOT get any errors. If you do, then something in the above did not work properly.