Create a delimited output file with the text of the responses

Attached is a spec called EXCEL.SPX that will read a datafile and a DBfile and create a file to be read into an EXCEL spreadsheet with the variable text in the fields rather than the data codes.

If you use the Survox Console, DELIMITED OUTPUT DATAwill do the same thing under Data Analysis – Data Utilities.

Change the defines below.

Input= name of the data file you are using

DBName= name of the DB file that has the compiled varibles in it

OutName= Name of the file that will contain the information for EXCEL to use. CVS is a good extension to use.

>Define @Input     Bank>Define @DBName    Bank>Define @OutName   Bank^CVS>PurgeSame>AllowIndent>PrtFile @OutName ,User,PgWid=3000,PgLen=1000000 -FormFeed >UseDb @DBName>ListDB , $@DBName~^fir,Type=Var=     ,Sort=QQNum,Template=&"$Prt ""v1ST"" !">ListDB , @DBName~^dcl,Type=Var=     ,Sort=QQNum,Template=&"$Prt ""ST"" !"~Set -AutoNewLine~Define Proc= CfMCList:If First_CasePrt "CASE_IDT"&?@DBName~^firPrt "N"EndifPrt "ST" CASE_ID&?@DBName~^dcl}~Input @Input   Share  Dots=100 Salvage_Data~Exc Proc=CfMCList ~End

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