Create a Caseid for suspended data

If you want to have Survent assign a CASE ID, then all you need to do is make sure you have a

!Special,Assign_Next_Caseid in the suspend block and it will assign the next case ID.

NOTE: If you do this you will for sure end up with ID’s out of sequence and possibly missing ID’s if any of those suspends were to resume and then terminate.

If you want to assign the CASE ID after you have collected data in a TR file created by SUSPRES, use the following Mentor spec:

~Comment>Purgesame>Define @IDloc  1.6                  ''Location of where ID is stored from Qpx>Define @NextID 200001          ''Set this to the Next ID wanted>Define @StudyName bank       ''Study Name>Define @ExtraName fix ''         ''Characters appended to the end of the study name for new output file it is possible to update input file, but STRONGLY recommend against it since errors can be a big problem.~in @studyname~out @studyname~@extraname caseid=@IDloc~def Proc= assignid:Modify [@IDloc*Z] = (CaseNumber - 1) + @NextID Write}~exc Proc=assignid~end