CONTENT_LENGTH not set or zero message

The CONTENT_LENGTHnotsetorzero means that either no data was passed in (zero) OR the environment variable didn’t getset. You should always get data since there are hidden fields on each page. If it’snotset, then Apache didn’t create the rightenvironment for the CGI to run in.

TheCONTENT_LENGTHerror – isnota customizable error. This is a CGI error when the submitted study page doesnotcontain expected data, which we don’t see often.

As near as we could determine this is some issue with certain versions of some browsers — AOL browsers in particular.

Cross-referencing the Apache’s access logs and error logs might show some information on what the issue is.

The respondent’s HTMLRESP file may give a little more information on why it’s happening,orat least give the timestamp for when the respondent took the study. The typical cause of that type of error is if the respondent is doing unusual things with their browser, like opening multiple windowsorusing the browser navigation buttons extensively.