Buttons Disappear using a !VARIABLE,EMAIL_CHECK

Using a !variable,email_check can have a browser conflict with Firefox and Chrome because webSurvent is outputting HTML5 code.

In the page source, if the inputtype is “email”, that is causing a popup to natively come from the browser. The conflict is when DisableButtonsOnSubmit is turned on in the user_settings file. In general, the javascript knows when there is an error on the page andre-enables the buttons. But in this case it can’tdetect the error since it is coming natively from the browser.

The solution is to either turn HTML5 off in the Parmfile and/or to turnDisableButtonsOnSubmit off for this page.

You can do this with:


<script type=”text/javascript”>

DisableButtonsOnSubmit = false



In later versions, the script recognizes it’s getting a native browser error and doesn’t hide the buttons.

You should see

if (window.history.replaceState) {
if (el.checkValidity() == false) {
return false;

in the function cfmc_submit at the top of the script.

The setting to enable to turn of HTML5 in the parmfile is:

Html5_Tags:no ”Output html5 code. default is yes.