Allow duplicates in a non-duplicate built fone file

Here are the steps for taking a .fon file that has duplicates in it and hasallow_duplicates=No set and you now want to allow those duplicates andyou want to be able to dial the already existing duplicates.

1) Make a backup of your current <studynam>.fon file.

2) In Foneutil delete out the duplicates from the .fon file. Selectstatement looks like [5111.3]=91. Call the file something like <studyname>.dup.

3) In Foneutil delete out the rest of the records from the .fon file.
Select statement looks like All. Call the file something like <studyname>.ok.

4) In Foneutil use the Header option to create an ASCII copy of the.fon header. Call this file something like <studyname>.hed

5) Edit the file <studyname>.hed and change ALLOW_DUPlicates to sayYES.

6) Run the following Mentor procedure on the .dup file to convert theduplicate records back to raw records.

>purgesame~In <studyname>.dup,ASCII=16000 ~Out <studyname>.drw,ASCII,Length=4950,Trimblanks ~Def Proc=Makeraw: Blank [21] WriteCase } ~Exc Proc=Makeraw ~End

6a) You can combine steps 2,3 and 6 by running the following proc.

>purgesame ~In <studyname>.fon,Fone_Format ~Out <studyname>.ok,Ascii,trimblanks,#1 ~Out <studyname>.drw,ASCII,trimblanks,Length=4950,#2 ~Def Proc=FixDupes: If [5111.3#91] Blank [21] WriteCase #2 Else WriteCase #1 Endif } ~Exc Proc=FixDupes ~End 

7) Rename/Delete your <studyname>.fon file.

8) Now run Fonebuld and ampersand in the <studyname>.hed file, thenenter “ASCII”, and the “GO”Enter your studyname and then <studyname>.ok

NOTE: If you are prompted to add to the existing file, you did not properly delete/rename the file in step 7.

9) Run Fonebuld again and this time just say GO, followed by yourstudyname. Reply yes to add to existing file and then enter in thefile name <studyname>.drw.

NOTE: If you have numbers that were marked as duplicates during the interviewingprocess and you want to maintain those histories, you’ll have to run a separateprocess on them to make them available. See the file zaplast.spx for an exampleof what you need to do.

You can also download these instructions using the ALLOWDUPLICATES.doc below.

  • allowduplicates.doc