10.2.2 Enhancements

Below is the list of enhancements by program for version 10.2.2

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Custom Branding CSS

You can now put a custom.css file into the /var/www/html/survoxconsole/css directory that allows you to brand the console to meet your company’s needs. An example css file is included.

Enhancements to Survey Composer

• Added !gen and all subtypes


Dynamic Caller ID within Survent for each number dialed.

Dynamically set a caller ID from within Survent.  As the final option on each statement you can specify a 10 digit number, a location such as [510.10] or a label such as [cid].  The !phone statements are: dial_number, hand_dial, verify_dial, transfer and call.  The !phone,call statement is used specifically in an attended transfer or conferencing scenario.


Dialer Predictive Queuing

There is now an additional option available in the .dial files to be able to choose what to do with abandoned calls,  you can choose one of three options, just hang-up (current and default behavior), play a message and then hangup, or play a message and put the caller on hold until an interviewer is available.  If an interviewer is not available within 2 seconds the call is counted against the abandon rate even if the respondent remains on hold and is connected to an interviewer.

E911 Dialing

To assist in helping your organization comply with Kari’s Law we have now added configuration options to allow interviewers to be able to dial 911 for an emergency.

***(This feature is only to help your organization meet compliance, you will need to work with your legal council and carrier to make sure you are in compliance with the law. Enghouse Interactive is not a legal authority and as such does not guarantee compliance.)


Unique Passwords

For additional security each install now generates unique password for the sql tables and admin users.